drawing practice | práticas de desenho

Artist Statement
I am Isadora Machado (b.1990), a Brazilian artist based in Porto, Portugal. I have been working mainly with drawing and painting for the past years, shifting between commercial illustration artwork and experimental drawing practices.

I create oneiric compositions through drawing. My work is an intuitive exploration of lived sensation, unconscious processes, and experience itself. Such preoccupations are also reflected in my technical & self-taught approach to creation processes, which often incorporate automatic drawings, oracular, and other experimental practices. 

Dreaming and drawing are poetic actions that propel us toward something else. In and of themselves, they both can project beyond what the eye sees, leading therefore to the materialization of that which is not seen. As such, we can contemplate in the action of drawing, sets of forces and choices which operate toward the invention of something new. It is possible to encourage, through drawing practices,

new perspectives and solutions (symbolic, imaginary, and material). These liminal symbolic spaces and oneiric landscapes converge in imagining and creating something else to promote dialogues between different realities and new ways of being.

The Drawing Practices 
I have been exploring the experience of drawing through Drawing Practices. These don’t intend to discard language and thought, but to bring awareness, through abstraction, the experience of the body, and sharing, to the thought that there are things beyond our perception. Extending the existing barriers of form and concept creates a gap so that other non-normative ways of being in the world can come to fruition, in micro/personal contexts as well as in macro/collective contexts. Drawing Practices, a proposal that is an amalgam of experiment and meeting points aims to contribute to making a difference on the map of reality. That is, to cause some kind of rupture in a mesh of hardened ways of living.

sketchbook 2022/2023

2021 – 2022

The Fortune Drawings

This Poetic Action took place at Feira da Alegria at Feira do Livro do Porto, in  2020. The public could choose an image that attracted their attention and in the back, they would find an oracle message (written by me, based on the symbols that were used in each drawing).

They could think of a situation or question, or simply let their intuition guide them. Simultaneously, people were encouraged to create their own specific meaning for each drawing and reflect on the message they would receive.

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